Shell Stavanger


After the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, Shell initiated a global reorganization to adapt to energy market changes and transition to new energy production methods. They decided to build a new headquarters in Stavanger, where Magu Design played a crucial role in creating a joyful and collaborative workspace.

The new headquarters fosters a balance between human and digital interactions, supports various work styles, and encourages a sense of belonging. Shell adopted activity-based workplaces, allowing diverse collaboration and private work areas.

The office boasts a harmonious atmosphere with materials like travertine, mahogany, and brushed bronze. Warm colours and intricate details enhance the interior's character and identity, while decorative lighting from Nuura sets the mood and positively impacts employees' well-being.

  • Interior architect: Magu Design
  • Products: Miira 4, Miira 6 Circular, Miira Wall, Miira 1 Large, Blossi Table
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Moxey