IP20 - There is no specific defined IP certification in this area. All our lamps are approved for this area, but table lamps and floor lamps are not approved for bathroom use.

IP44 - This area also includes a recessed window next to the bath. Lamps for this area must minimum have an IP44 rating. For IP20 and IP44 zones, our Liila 1 Small, Medium and Large and Liila Muuse lamps are an ideal choice.

IP54 – This rating is for outdoor lighting, ensuring function in changing weather conditions. The rating protects the lamp against dust and water.

IP65 - This area is frequently exposed to water and requires lamps to have an IP65 rating or higher. 

IP67 - This area is constantly or regularly exposed to water. Lamps must be low voltage (not higher than 12V) and the IP rating no lower than IPX7.