• We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

    If you do not find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can contact us by email: info@nuura.com or by phone +45 5373 8460


    I experience issues when I order online

    Please contact our customer service at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460 and remember to describe the issues so we can help the best way possible.

    How can I cancel my order?

    Please contact our customer service at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460

    Can I change my order?

    If you want to change your order, you can contact our customer service at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460.

    It is possible to delete goods in an order but not to add new items, as the amount of the payment process may not be exceeded after your approval of the amount.

    I haven't received an order confirmation

    If you haven't received an order confirmation, one or more things may have caused it:

    1) Your order hasn't been approved and not processed – therefore you don't receive a confirmation of the purchase.
    2) Check if your order confirmation could be in your junk mail of your mailbox
    3) Check if the e-mail address you provided is correct

    You are also welcome to contact us on info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460

  • Payment

    Is it safe to use my payment card?

    Our payment solution uses SSL-encryption when communicating with acquirers. Likewise, SSL/TLS-encryption is used in communication between customers and the server. This means, that all information, that is sent over the internet, is encrypted with a security-certificate.

    Which payment methods can I use?

    We accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Dankort, Dankort and Visa Electron) and MobilePay (Danish card holders).


    Which currencies can I pay in the Nuura webshop?

    You can pay with Euros (€) and Danish kroner (DKK) in our webshop.


    What is the shipping cost?







    From 49 DKK From € 7

    49 DKK / € 7

    1-2 days


    From 110 DKK

    From € 15

    110 DKK / € 15

    3-7 days

    Resten of the world

    From 350 DKK 

    From € 49

    350 DKK / € 49

    3-7 days


    How is my order delivered?

    We deliver via GLS or UPS. Please note, it is not possible to pick up your order at our showroom or our warehouse.


    How can I track my order?

    When your order has been shipped, you receive an e-mail with the tracking number of the parcel via the e-mail you gave when ordering. If you haven't received an e-mail, please check your junk filter and whether you provided the correct e-mail address.

    You are welcome to contact our customer service at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460


    What do I do if the item I receive is damaged?

    Please contact us at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460

  • Returns & claims

    How do I return a product?

    If you want to return an item you may do so within 14 days of receipt. Please follow our return process here or contact us at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460

    Can I return my order at one of your locations?

    It is not possible to exchange or return in other ways than by following the instructions listed above.

    When do I get my refund once I returned an item?

    Once we have received your notification that you wish to cancel, and after we have received and inspected the items from your return, we are usually able to apply the refund onto the original payment card as soon as possible. Keep in mind that due to shipping, inspection and bank processing times it sometimes takes up to 14 days from the date that you return the item for the refund to appear on your card.

  • Glass quality and maintenance

    How are the mouth-blown glass shades produced?

    Each piece of glass at Nuura is mouth-blown and unique. We’ve handpicked the best glass for your new lamp, and tiny variations in the glass show the relationship between glass and craftsman while the glass is being made by hand. The process is slow, and our skilled craftsmen spend years developing their unique mouth-blowing technique. From their hands, the glass is passed on to you with your new Nuura lamp, from which gentle light and joy will spread.

    How do I clean the glass shades?

    It is important to keep in mind that designs from Nuura made of glass, like any other glass item, require periodic cleaning to maintain their visual quality. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that the lights retain their unique appearance and that the cleaning process is manageable. The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors such as humidity levels, temperature stability, and the amount of dust in the air, which differ from one installation environment to another. Nuura ensures that its lights meet the highest quality standards during manufacturing, and each light undergoes several quality controls and cleaning stages before shipping. However, additional cleaning may be necessary due to transportation, storage, and the duration between packing and unpacking by the client. Therefore, cleaning the lights before installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

    When cleaning designs from any of our collections, it is important to disassemble the light according to the assembling manual and secure the glass components against any mechanical damage. Then, rinse the glass in hot water and diluted dish detergent to remove any foreign particles or dirt. Repeat this process if necessary. After that, clean the glass again using a dilution of degreaser, like ammonia or vinegar, and rinse thoroughly under hot water. Repeat this process if necessary. Once done, dry the glass using a soft cotton or paper towel. Finally, reassemble the light only after the glass has cooled down completely. Remember not to use substances not intended for use on glass surfaces, such as mineral spirits or highly concentrated thinners. Also, avoid silicone products as they quickly attract more dust and grease.

  • Assembly manual

    How do I install my new lamp from Nuura?

    All our lamps are delivered with assembly instructions included in the product packacing. The manuals are also available for download in our image bank here


    Where can I see your lamps?

    Our showroom and office is located right next to the Marble Church in Copenhagen. The space is open during regular office hours for everyone who wants to stop by.

    Frederiksgade 14, 2nd floor
    1265 Copenhagen

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm and Friday, 9am - 3.30pm

  • Other questions?

    Please contact us at info@nuura.com or +45 5373 8460