Rotate Birger Christensen


Danish fashion institution for more than 150 years Birger Christensen and influencers and stylists Thora Valdimarsdottir and Jeanette Madsen created ROTATE Birger Christensen in 2018 which has quickly become a successful must-have worldwide fashion brand. ROTATE Birger Christensen specialises in catchy and colourful dresses suitable for work, a night out and special occasions.

In the newly opened showroom on top of the iconic Birger Christensen store in Copenhagen, Thora and Jeanette wanted to create a contemporary showroom with a comfortable feel. The interior had to stand out and still allow their design to be in focus.

Miira 1 Optic and Liila 1 Medium were carefully selected to add decorative light to the showroom.
Miira 1 is created in a simple and timeless design that creates a uniquely Nordic feel. The neatly rounded metal gives the design balance and depth.
Liila 1 Medium is simple in its form, consisting of a thin round sheet of metal and a unique, mouth-blown Opal White glass sphere from where soft diffused light spreads.

Like a modern room divider, several Miira 1 Optics creates a wall of light in the centre of the room. The light is reflective and add elegant light with a reminiscing touch of the 70s disco. With references to a classic makeup mirror, the Liila 1s are mounted on the side of each mirror, adding ideal lighting for the wearer to explore the ROTATE design.

The showroom has a comfortable and festive vibe allowing the visitors to explore the popular designs from ROTATE Birger Christensen in ideal surroundings.

The customised furniture is from Danish designer Lizette Rützou, and the curtains are from Danish &Drape.

  • Concept idea: Nuura
  • Products: Miira 1 Optic and Liila 1 Medium - Nordic Gold / Opal White
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Søren Staun Petersen