Le Management


As one of the leading model management agencies, Le Management is led by a generation of creative visionaries and industry pioneers. The agency was founded in 2010 by partners Jannick Lindberg and Martin Lyne to push boundaries through new strategies, a creative business approach and an inclusive mindset.

At the Copenhagen headquarter, Le Management recently updated their lighting with various lights from Nuura. The overall goal was to create a coherent look and add good light to the beautiful office space which also houses creative agency, Hood Agency.
Our carefully selected designs spread quality lighting, boost energy, and let the creativity flow, creating an inspiring workspace at the Copenhagen office.

The lights with Optic Clear glass create beautiful light reflections that spread a warm and comfortable feel in Le Managements lounge areas, while our lights with Opal White glass spread even quality light that lights up the work desks where good light is needed.

Designs used in this project: Miira 6 Circular and Miira 8 Circular, both in Dark Bronze. Liila 1 Medium with Opal White and Optic Clear glass, Apiales 9 and 18 in Brushed Brass, Liila 12 with Optic Clear glass and Miira 1 Large in Brass.

  • Concept idea: Nuura
  • Products: Miira 6 Circular, Miira 8 Circular, Liila 1 Medium, Apiales 9, Apiales 18, Miira 1 Large
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Søren Staun Petersen