Kongens Gate 21


In Oslo, the architects at Nordic Arch have restored the historical building known as Telegrafen (The Telegraph building) to its former glory and given a contemporary interior update. Located just a few blocks from the Norwegian Parliament and Oslo City Hall, the building is imposing. When entering the copper doors from Kongens Gate, the establishment welcomes you with Norwegian marble and frescoes on the ceilings and wall.

On the third and fourth floor, Nordic Arch has created a stunning workspace allowing the modern design to interact with the historic rooms that have been restored beautifully to highlight the building's details. Our lighting designs have carefully been selected to add quality lighting to the impressive workspace, combining the past with the present. Apiales 18 Brushed Brass lets light unfold at a lounge area, and our Anoli 1 Mediums, Blossi 8 and Miira 13 Opal helps boost the energy and creativity in some of the meeting rooms.

  • Architect: Nordic — Office of Architecture
  • Products: Anoli 1 Medium, Apiales 18, Blossi 8 and Miira 13
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer / Stylist: Anne Bråtveit / Maria Hov Vestre