Fynsk Erhverv


Fynsk Erhverv is a member-financed network and interest organisation, created by Funen companies benefitting Funen companies. When the company moved their headquarter to a newly built domicile in Odense business park in 2022, the board wanted the new place to reflect the spirit and history of the previous location, an older classic mansion.

Lerche Design is behind the interior design of the new headquarter. For interior designer Mie Lerche, the goal has been to create a visionary office landscape with room for knowledge sharing and networking events. The interior features artefacts from the old headquarter to emphasize the 160-year-old history behind Fynsk Erhverv. The additional elements in the interior are designed by Lerche Design and manufactured by a local carpenter to establish authenticity and uniqueness. Nuura’s Miira 4 and Miira 6 Circular contribute to a sensuous and warm atmosphere in the new domicile.

  • Architect: Mie Lerche, Lerche Design
  • Products: Miira 4, Miira 6 Circular
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Nuura