Cuvée - Kitchen & Bar


In Kompagnistræde, in the old part of Copenhagen, lies the restaurant Cuvée - Kitchen & Bar, with decor inspired by clubs in Rio de Janeiro in the late 60s, with a touch of Paris and Florence.

The interior designer Caisa Leifsdotter, from Caia of Sweden, has worked with different structures, colours and materials to create an inviting and uplifting atmosphere that challenges all the senses. The interior design and materials of Scandinavian quality are well-considered and have been chosen with respect for the heritage-listed building.

On both floors, small spaces have been created within the open area, and the elements are used on both floors to create a harmonious flow, even though there is a change in the atmosphere when you move up to the second floor.

On the ground floor, Caisa Leifsdotter has created a bistro atmosphere where strong and graphic colours are prominent. Here, the bar is gently lit by Miira 1 Opal, which adds a graphic touch.

Caisa has on the second floor created eye-catchers, such as the coloured ceiling, the stucco and the elegant Liila 1 Medium, which with the optically clear glass spreads an inviting light, which creates a decorative light in the ceiling.

  • Interior design: Caia of Sweden
  • Products: Liila 1 Medium - Nordic Gold/Optic Clear and Miira 1 Opal
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Morten K. Sørensen