Arts Restaurant


From the beginning, restaurant Arts at Aker Brygge in Oslo had a lighting plan created by lighting designer Marte Risan from SML Lighting. The plan was based on the interior concept of Wood Architects. The interior changed along the way, but the lighting design and the decorative elements were such a great match in the unique room, that only small adjustments were necessary.

The lighting design provides character and quality lighting in the restaurant. The lighting is an important part of the decor, as the restaurant also serves as a gallery with changing images in different colours and styles. The restaurant is decorated in a contrast-filled manner with dark and light areas. The decorative lighting merges with the interior and helps to create an exclusive setting.

In the middle of the restaurant, above a long table, a centrepiece consisting of numerous Anoli 1 glass pendants catches the eye both inside the restaurant and on the street. Included in the lighting design is also Blossi 8, Liila 12, Liila 1 Large and Blossi Table In-set.

The concept of the restaurant is a collaboration between owner Miss Sophie and the gallery Fineart, which is located downstairs from the restaurant. The combination of food and art is unique, which fits perfectly in the area of Tjuvholmen in Oslo, where several restaurants and galleries are already located.

  • Lighting design: SML Lighting
  • Interior design: Wood Architects
  • Products: Anoli 1 Medium, Blossi 8, Liila 12 Optic, Liila 1 Large - Nordic Gold/Optic Clear and Blossi Table In-set
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Einar Aslaksen