Restaurant Ark


The team behind the acclaimed Souls developed restaurant Ark, in Copenhagen. Ark offers Nordic-inspired cocktails and vegan plant-based dishes. The menu is driven by the seasons and local and global influences.

Restaurant Ark has a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by Danish design. Among them is the drop-shaped pendant, Anoli 1 Small, used as a main part of the decor in the restaurant. The organic drop shape is recognizable and expresses a calm that supports the atmosphere in Ark, which the interior designer Tine Mouritsen has created.

Elegant drops from the autumn rain inspired the Anoli collection. The collection is made with high craftsmanship and from the best materials. Anoli is simple in its form and consists of mouth-blown drop-shaped glass pendants, which are hand-painted with a special gold lustre, to give the glass its unique golden colour. The metal colour "Nordic Gold" is associated with the golden Nordic nature.

  • Interior design: Tine Mouritsen
  • Manufacturer: Nuura
  • Products: Anoli 1 Small
  • Designer: Sofie Refer
  • Photographer: Andreas Mikkel Hansen