Nuura Showroom


Nuura showroom and office is located in a historical building in Frederiksstaden in central Copenhagen. The colours in the showroom are selected in response to the Marble Church and the other historic buildings located nearby. The colours shift as you move through the rooms of the showroom and the adjoining office spaces, contributing to a sensuous experience of the lighting installed throughout the space.

Lighting is an essential part of a workspace, and choosing the optimal sources of light is important. Quality lighting increases productivity, focus and performance. It reduces eye strain and headaches while creating a satisfying workspace, improving well-being and optimizing creativity. 

  • Case: Nuura showroom & office
  • Brand: Nuura
  • Products: Liila 7, Miira 14 Circular, Blossi Floor, Blossi Table In-set, Rizzatto 32 Chandelier, Miira 4, Miira 6, Liila 1 Medium, Apiales 18, Blossi Table, Miira 8 Circular, Apiales 9, Miira Table, Liila 12
  • Photographer: Emil Wellendorf Skou, Inhouse Studios
  • Published: December 2022